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Cancer is not the end. It is not a death sentence. Detecting and treating at right time rejuvenates you. Highly advanced robotic technology for greater precision, minimally invasive surgical expertise to enhance cure.

Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka

Surgical Oncologist & Robotic surgeon Breast & Gynaeonco surgeon | HIPEC specialist

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Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka is the most preferred Surgical Oncology in Bengaluru

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21 Years of Practice, 4 Awards Surgical Oncologist, Hemato Oncologist, Breast Surgeon, Gynecologic Oncologist.

Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka is a Surgical Oncologist par excellence, who is specialized in the field of robotic and laparoscopic surgeries. He has undergone exhaustive training in robotic surgery from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York. With more than 12 years experience in his field, he expertly handles cancer cases. He deals with head& neck, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, thoracic, breast and urologic oncology. He does minimally invasive procedures like MIRP, mediastinoscopy, thoracoscopy, & sentinel lymph node biopsy. For advanced abdominal malignancies, he does HIPEC. He is bestowed with honors and awards for his contribution in the field of Oncology, including UICC (Union of International against Cancer Control) fellowship USA in 2012.

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Its treatment depends on the stage of cancer. It may consist of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and surgery.

Endometrial Cancer

Most cases occur in women after the age of 55. Treatments include surgery to remove the uterus, radiation, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

Lung Cancer Treatment

treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of these treatments.

Tongue Cancer treatment

Treatment for tongue cancer typically involves surgery to remove the cancer. Treatment for advanced tongue cancers can impact..

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We know it is not that easy. The mere listening to the word cancer is very frightening. Keeping yourself in a suspicion of cancer would be a biggest discomfort. If you have any unusual symptoms suggestive of cancer take a small step to talk to us once. We can assure you, you feel greatly relieved once you do that.

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State-of-the-art approach to cancer therapy that is centered around cancer diagnosis, staging the disease, surgically treat it, relieve symptoms and prevent cancer from spreading or returning.  

Screening & Testing:

Early detection is the key for successful cancer treatment. Our team will support you in early screening and accurate diagnosis.

Healthy Cancer Free Community:

Cancer is a global threat. We need to build community free of cancer fear. This is possible by empowering community with right knowledge and access to early detection and care. We support huge community reach activity and series of community based education.


Highly advanced robotic technology for greater precision, minimally invasive surgical expertise to enhance cure, early recovery and minimizing recurrence and complication.

HIPEC (Hyperthermic intraperitoneal Chemotherapy)

It is a highly advanced effective treatment option available for treating advanced ovary, intestinal and primary peritoneal malignancies.

Awarded with RB PATIL symposium at KSCASICON 2024 state annual conference at SDM Dharwad

On early breast cancer & sentinel lymph node biopsy


October is breast cancer awareness month. Did my bit at SAP Bengaluru on 18-10-2023

(8-8-22) spoke at 71st Annual conference of Occupational Health Karnataka conference, to enlighten them about recent advances in surgical oncology

As a part of social service, our team did 16 free surgeries in rural area in Dandeli, Karnataka on 12-11-22. Very satisfying 😊

Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka